Hello, I'm Melissa! I’m a front end designer/developer with a huge variety of secondary skills, such as branding, animation, and print design. I have five years of industry experience and have a degree in Multimedia & Digital Arts. I've learned a wide variety of secondary skills, including client management, project and proposal development, and business improvement.

If you would like a copy of my resume, please request a copy via email.

The Real Titan Kill

The Real Titan Kill was based on the first titan ship kill in Eve Online by Goonfleet. The brief was to make an animation about posthuman society, so I decided to render a picture of what it looked like in the homes of the people playing this game in a humorous fashion while also making commentary on society.

The Desks & Characters

The environments were based on real photos of workstations posted in a large gaming thread on Reddit. For the fat goon I picked the photo of the workstation with the deep fryer as I could work that in as a bit of humour.

When I came across this sad little desk with a CRT monitor I knew I had to put in the poor goon that has a crappy PC but wants to play video games anyway and usually crashes or lags out, causing other players to rage. I believe even the photo was tagged in the thread as "my shitty workstation".

Often I heard stories about goons playing from work while watching out for the boss, so I just had to put this guy in.

Oh the poor girlfriend of the goon staying up all night! Often goons from all different timezones would login to do missions together so invariably there would be someone up at 4am to play. There was a story about a goon that got yelled at by their spouse which broadcast to everyone else so that’s where this came from. Towel goon is the guy that always for some reason has to go take a shower or do other mundane task during a critical point in the op. I thought putting this guy in would be a great way to remind everyone that it’s still people playing and there are biological needs, which can be hard to remember in the heat of play.