Welcome to my folio website! I’m a front end designer/developer with a passion for interaction design with a UX focus. I have four years of industry experience and have a degree in Multimedia & Digital Arts. I have learned a wide variety of secondary skills to enhance my primary skills, including client management, project and proposal development, business improvement, graphic design, and animation. If you would like a copy of my resume, please request a copy via email.



After university, when I was looking for work and doing some freelance for other clients, I had some spare time to do some work on my folio. I made this font as a part of a branding exercise and was surprised to see how often it got downloaded for use! You can download it yourself here.


I don’t charge for the font but I asked that anyone using it for design send me an email with a sample of their work so I can showcase it here. Thanks to everyone here that sent me their lovely work, it means a great deal to me.