Hello, I'm Melissa! I’m a front end designer/developer with a huge variety of secondary skills, such as branding, animation, and print design. I have five years of industry experience and have a degree in Multimedia & Digital Arts. I've learned a wide variety of secondary skills, including client management, project and proposal development, and business improvement.

If you would like a copy of my resume, please request a copy via email.


LogL is a new way for learner drivers to log their driving hours online and be certified by a supervising driver. Our database of registered instructors allows learner drivers to connect with their instructors and log hours against them, as well as log unofficial hours with other adult drivers. The site was designed to tackle the problem of paper logbooks and the issue of certifying logged hours with instructors should a learned driver forget their logbook. Logl had been started when I arrived at Mentor, and I was tasked with redesigning the dashboard, making it cross browser compatible, designing assets, and creating new mods using HTML5/CSS3 and jQuery. There are a few code samples here that demonstrate some of the work I did.