Hello, I'm Melissa! I’m a front end designer/developer with a huge variety of secondary skills, such as branding, animation, and print design. I have five years of industry experience and have a degree in Multimedia & Digital Arts. I've learned a wide variety of secondary skills, including client management, project and proposal development, and business improvement.

If you would like a copy of my resume, please request a copy via email.


Reconnect is Reactive’s in house brand for the intranet. During my time at Reactive for work experience, I was tasked with creating a brand for Reconnect and a set of icons to match.

MAKING Digital

After university ended I spent some time creating my own font which I used to make my own brand. Originally I went with a tactile look and feel but as time went on I decided to simplify the brand and mix it up with a digital look. I used a lot of traditional media when testing out my brand, including origami folds and hand made stamp kits.

Supreme Packaging

While at Supreme Packaging I was tasked with various in house branding exercises that would help strengthen Supreme’s presence and boost morale. This included posters, website banners, flyers, and digital postcards.